• MiGoals

    MiGOALS started with an idea - to design a simple product to help people take their goals from dream to action.

    We were frustrated with the diaries on the market. There were plenty of daily planners, but nothing designed specifically to help you focus on your goals.

    With this as our motivation, we launched the first diary in 2010. The gamble paid off and now tens of thousands of people have used MiGOALS products to define their goals, live their dreams and get shit done.

    But MiGOALS is more than a stationery brand. We’re a global community of dream chasers and action takers.

  • Moonrise


    Born from a love for bohemian, indie vintage fashion, moonrise is the must-haves for girls who want European, edgy and eclectic additions to their wardrobe. Moonrise represents an individual’s love for clothes and items that are different from the norm, something that looks effortless and comfortably dressed, yet is a stunner among the crowd.

    @moonriseasia ; #moonriseasia

  • Oyster Footwear


    Story of Oyster’s footwear begins with our passion to craft a sophisticated comfortable shoes that protects your precious feet similar to the oyster’s shell protecting it's meat and pearl. Because we understand the importance of your feet, we want to create shoes that shield and embellish your feet at the same time. We want to provide shoes that look as good as they feel and feel as good as they look. Our concept being: ”Turn accessories into the piece of contemporary art“

  • Preen & Proper

    If you are looking for classy, feminine yet sophisticated outfits, then Preen & Proper is your go-to brand! P&P is dedicated to dressing the modern woman who embodies the love for chic styles with a bold twist. We want to provide versatile pieces with a timeless appeal - that can transition easily from your day in the office to a casual night out.

  • Sanctuary Candles

    Sanctuary is a small batch candle company based in KL. Each candle is hand poured and packaged using 100% soy wax, cotton-core wicks, fine fragrance oils, and elegant packaging.

    “We love how candles can alter the entire atmosphere of a space with their subtle fragrance and soft glow.”



    WKNDRS specialises in art and design focused goods, accessories and homeware for state of mind livin'


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